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janvier 9, 2023

How to raise investment in the USA: guide for UK startups

At SeedLegals, founders regularly ask us about raising money from US investors – whether to raise in America, what US investors look for, whether to ‘do the Delaware flip’, and more. To answer all these questions, and to highlight some of the pitfalls for UK businesses when looking for investment in the USA, we ran a webinar with Daniel Glazer of Wilson Sonsini, the international […]

janvier 9, 2023

6 Tips on Saving Money for a Car

Buying a car is a big investment that often requires months of planning and saving. But before you start budgeting, it can be helpful to understand the car buying process and your options for financing a vehicle. In this guide, we’ll help you come up with some strategies to save money for a car, so you can comfortably afford a new ride. If you’re ready […]

janvier 9, 2023

Best Prescription Glasses Online 2023

As someone who has worn glasses since I was 3 years old, I know the struggle of getting a new pair of glasses all too well. From the lengthy process to the jaw-dropping (and not in a good way) price tag, it’s all too much. But thanks to modern technology and some ingenious entrepreneurs, you can now easily shop for prescription eyeglasses online. One of […]

janvier 9, 2023

The Basics of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

You probably know how SEO works if you have been in the business industry long enough. It helps you rank higher on search engine results and rapidly exposes you to new traffic. But sometimes, even the most robust SEO strategy won’t be enough to keep you at the top of search engine results. This is where PPC (pay-per-click) marketing comes into play. This form of […]

juin 2, 2022


We’re seeking an experienced Digital Marketing & Social Media Executive who can create, manage, and optimise the social media and digital marketing activity, working with high profile influencers. This role will see you implement the social and digital marketing strategy and be responsible for consistency of brand message and image across all communication platforms in line with the overarching brand strategy. Reporting to the Head […]

juin 1, 2022

A Small Business Guide to Personal Selling Techniques

Image source: Getty Images Personal selling is one of the most effective ways to secure prospects, especially in today’s digital age. Find out how to develop and use this sales strategy to win more deals. The way businesses sell today has transformed rapidly, putting less of an emphasis on the conventional way of selling, also known as personal sales. However, personal selling still occurs, despite […]

mai 31, 2022

5 Steps To Start your own Digital Marketing Agency from scratch

Share Tweet Share Share Email If you wanted to create a marketing agency more than 25 years ago, then the barrier to entry into this market was very high. With the primitive digital landscape, the overall cost of starting such a business was daunting and nearly impossible without the initial investment. In addition to the startup costs, you were limited by physical and traditional media, […]

mai 31, 2022

How to build a website for your small business or side project

Whether you’re opening a cafe, starting a charity or setting up as a freelance photographer, there are few types of business that wouldn’t benefit from having a website. An attractive and user-friendly site can tell potential customers the story behind your business, act as an advert for your products or services and help them find you in the real world.  But for small enterprises and […]

mai 19, 2022

The DMA, data monetization and digital advertising: three reasons to care | Dentons

Introduction Although it would appear that no fewer than 10 000 online platforms operate in the EU, the digital market seems to be moulded by just a handful of them. This raised concerns among the Authorities in terms of, among others, transparency and fair competition. The Digital Markets Act (DMA)1, together with the upcoming Digital Services Act (DSA), forms a central part of the package […]